Signs You May Need Your iPhone Screen Repaired

iPhone Screen Repair in New Jersey

One of the most common iPhone problems that we see and repair is the broken or cracked iPhone screen. Like most smart phones, the iPhone, no matter the model, is not built to be as indestructible as the cell phones of the past. The glass touch screen on the iPhone can be vulnerable to drops and contact with rough surfaces. Unfortunately, a cracked screen equals a useless iPhone because you can’t even make a call if your screen is broken. Luckily, if you drop your iPhone and crack the screen, we can replace it for you. We have iPhone screen replacements for the first generation, iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4GS and iPhone 5. iPhone screen repair in New Jersey is one of our specialties at Geeks On The Go and we have our experts available to fix your cracked or broken iPhone glass while you wait.

Signs You Need Your iPhone Screen Repaired

Your iPhone does not respond when you touch the screen
The iPhone is not consistent with your touch and the placement is off
iPhone has notable damage to the top glass screen, which includes a cracked screen
The function of applications is not responding when you touch it

The iPhone touch screen digitizer is quite possibly the most important part of the iPhone, because without the touch screen, an iPhone user could not navigate through their phone or even see what they are doing. Many things may contribute to a broken iPhone touch screen digitizer. They can become damaged from an accident or they can simply become worn out from use. The good news is that our professional iPhone repair experts can get your phone back in working condition quickly.

About iPhone Screen Repair

When you bring your cracked screen iPhone into Geeks On The Go, we will assess the damage and let you know what type of repair it will need. Most likely, all you will need is a glass replacement, but it could also require LCD repair or home button repair depending on the severity of the damage. We will be able to give you a price estimate after we take a look at your phone. We can fix iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G, iPhone 4GS, iPhone5 while you wait! To learn more about iPhone screen repair in New Jersey, please call us today at 888-950-4335.

Bob Hafemeister is the founder of Geeks On The Go Computer Service in Park Ridge, NJ

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  1. Kathryn says:

    If necessary, can you fix or replace a wifi antenna on an iPhone6?

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