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Affordable Data Recovery in NJ

Warning: If your computer or hard drive makes any unusual noises such as clicking, grinding or metal scraping, turn it off immediately! This typically indicates a situation that can destroy data!

Trust Geeks On The Go for Data Recovery Service in NJ

Geeks On The Go has the expertise and experience to accurately diagnose your unique data recovery situation and provide the best possible path to a complete recuperation of your files. We take pride in recovering data for our clients and for our ability to relieve the stress, panic and anxiety associated with data loss.

Due to the vast array of data loss scenarios, up front flat pricing quotes are usually something to be cautious of. Many recovery situations do not require cleanroom service, which may cost several thousand dollars. Be cautious of any company offering a flat rate without physically evaluating your unique situation.
Are there hard drive repair options?

Safe, Trusted, and Cost Effective Services

Geeks On The Go will honestly evaluate your data recovery situation and inform you of your options. Our services are priced to be affordable to the average user. Most home and small business level can expect to pay between $125 and $480, not thousands. However there are situations where a hard drive is totally inoperable and can only be recovered in a clean room.

Blue screens of death, inaccessible boot devices, corrupt or missing files, kernel panics, or a flashing question mark doesn’t always mean your hard drive is failing. It may be simple to perform data recovery. Viruses, tojans, spyware, software bugs and file system corruption can all render a computer inoperable, while the hard drive may still be completely healthy. This level of “data recovery” is what most computer repair companies can do; yet often they charge outrageous prices.