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Helpful Hints: Malware and Virus Prevention

Malware and viruses are a hindrance to computers, but most infections can be avoided with a combination of good anti-malware/anti-virus software and preventative measures. Here a few preventative measures to aid in maintaining clean and secure computers. Uninstall Old Programs

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What is Anti-virus software and why you need it?

What is Anti-virus software and why you need it? 1. What is Anti-virus software? Anti-virus software is a program that either comes installed on your computer or that you purchase and install yourself. It helps protect your computer against most

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iPhone Repairs- DON’T GET SCAMMED!

It seems like everyone and their brother is repairing iPhones today. And there is a good reason why more people are getting into the business of iPhone, iPod, and iPad repairs; there is a lot of money to be made

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Signs You May Need Your iPhone Screen Repaired

iPhone Screen Repair in New Jersey One of the most common iPhone problems that we see and repair is the broken or cracked iPhone screen. Like most smart phones, the iPhone, no matter the model, is not built to be

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Is the System Restore Point a Backup?

You’ve probably seen various versions of system restore software on the market. Some of them are built right into your operating system. If you’re on a server, there are some restore options that the server allows you to take advantage of without installing any extra software. There are some differences between these and proper backups that you need to be aware of. You cannot depend on system restore functions to provide you with a full data backup, in any case.

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